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OTÚ Coaching Model


The OTú Interactive Coaching Model is the latest coaching development in Gaelic Games. The OTú Coaching Model - the O as in oxygen and Tú, Irish for ‘you’ - provides the framework for organising balanced training programmes that enable players to deliver on their true potential.

The model, developed by Pat Daly, GAA Head of Games, is structured around the integration of what is called the 3T's and the 3P’s - Technical Proficiency, Tactical Awareness and Team Play ,and Psychological Focus, Physical Fitness and Playing Facts.

The coach implements the OTú Model using Coaching and Communication Inputs with Comprehension and Conviction.

A player requires many different skills to perform to his potential during a game situation. Not only does he/she need to be able to perform the underlying techniques of the game, but he/she needs to be able to employ them effectively at match tempo (Technical Proficiency). He/she also needs to be able to weigh up match situations and decide on the best option to take and when to take it (Tactical Prowess), and be able to anticipate the movements of his team-mates and synchronise with them during set play and general play (Team Play).

These skills should be developed in an integrated manner along with Physical Fitness, Psychological Focus and a knowledge and acceptance of the Playing Facts. in a balanced manner best suited to the requirements of the specific game.

Click through to the pages dedicated to each of the 3T’s and 3P’s (links above) for more information on each.